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 How to Get a Student Visa….

For a student visa, you’ll first need to apply for academic admission and to show that you have funding to cover your educational and living expenses in the United States.

If both your academic and financial documents meet our requirements, we’ll issue you a government document called an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student. You may then use your I-20 and other required documents to apply for a student visa at a US. Embassy or Consulate.

Financial Requirements for a CIUS I-20 imagesGQRAYFT0

As mentioned, you’ll need to document that your educational and living expenses will be covered for your first year at CIUS.  Any scholarship that you receive from CIUS will be counted among your resources.

You may have more than one sponsor, either from your family or from outside your family.  Each person or organization sponsoring you should submit a completed Statement of Financial Support form along with an original bank statement or stamp.  Statements should be in the sponsor’s name, dated within one year of your intended enrollment date, and show a total closing balance exceeding the amount pledged on the Statement of Financial Support form.

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