Vice President

Welcome to Covenant International University and Seminary (CIUS), Houston, Texas, United States of America. CIUS is “GOD’S HABITATION OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE “. At CIUS, the whole world is our class room and God, the creator of heavens and earth is OUR TEACHER. We are all tools that He uses to manifest His good works in the nations.

Congratulation for making  a commitment to learn through COVENANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY AND SEMINARY. We would like at this time to inform you that “Where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow is tied to your vital decision, commitment,and Relationship with your source of life; discovering your gifts and calling; your attitude ; your sense  of determination, persistence, perseverance; creative minds et; and the quality of relationship and sacrifice you have built or developed now and overtime”.

At CIUS, the courses have been designed to have profound impact in people’s lives that will result in transforming and revolutionizing your ministry and nation’s socio-political and economic activities if put into action well. In view of these, I, the Provost of Covenant International University and Seminary, challenge you to know that “time spent communing is time learning.

If you must achieve your goals in ministry and life, you must spend quality time learning about issues related to that goal because your desperate determination to learn is the key (Knowledge and Wisdom) for achieving your personal, ministry and life goals.

Thank you for making the decision to increase in your Knowledge of God’s word in order to become much more effective in life. Once again, I welcome you into this great family of Covenant International University and Seminary.

Yours In His Kingdom


University Vice President